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Career Monitor

Successful businesses realise the intrinsic value of employee retention and the cascading impact to overall business performance and profitability. As part of Australasia’s largest HR Coaching network, Populus Performance has access to a practical and quantifiable Retention Tool, designed from real research on over 10,000 employees in businesses since 2008.Career Monitor is an insightful and practical tool to assist your organisation with employee retention. Tailored to fit your business, it provides an individual report as a risk and opportunity analysis for an individual employees circumstance. You and your employee will be armed with specific information to gain a clear perspective on what is impacting the employee at both job and organisational level.An additional benefit is that you will also identify critical issues with a risk factor rating within 3, 6 and 12-month time frames.

The motivation for businesses to conduct Retention Interviews is high:

  • Provides clear guidelines on how to retain the individual employee
  • Assists employees to own how they can contribute to the business
  • Provides a report with measurements and priorities to work on
  • Provides a total individual risk rating
  • Results can be collated with a total organizational risk rating

Career Monitor can be used in multiple applications:

  • Probation reviews,
  • Pre exit analysis
  • Key employee retention program
  • Annual survey as part of a HR Plan

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