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Genos is an internationally recognized Emotional Intelligence model and assessment combining award winning development programs to enhance leadership for key people within organizations.  The Emotional Intelligence assessment and development programs are used to develop soft skills crucial to success in leadership, sales, teamwork and customer service.

These skills include self-awareness, understanding others, personal resilience, and the ability to influence others.

Populus Performance provides either a Senior Management Leadership Program or an Emerging Leaders / Front line Management Program. The key features of these assessment include:

  • Supported by a wealth of published workplace research showing meaningful correlations with a wide variety of outcome variables including leadership performance, job satisfaction and engagement.
  • Workplace specific behaviours are measured.
  • Extensive international benchmarks.
  • Easily mapped to leadership and other capability frameworks.
  • Surpasses all industry standards for psychometric reliability and validity.
  • One of only a handful in the world internationally recognized by the prestigious Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organisations.

Using Emotional Intelligence to help develop leaders and people they work with, forming the basis of thinking around decisions, behaviours and performance.  This framework is used to think about, understand and manage feelings to have a positive impact at work utilizing seven practical skills. The seven skill of the EI Model include:

  1. Emotional self-control
  2. Emotional self-awareness
  3. Emotional awareness of others
  4. Emotional expression
  5. Emotional reasoning
  1. Emotional self-management
  2. Emotional management of others

These programs have shown to deliver tangible improvements in leaders’ emotional intelligence (by an average of 20%), and tangible improvements in business outcomes. Contact Populus Performance to develop a Leadership Program for your organisation.

Populus Performance, Perth based HR Consultants facilitating Leadership Development for companies in Perth, Bunbury, Albany and the South West of Western Australia.