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HR Compliance

Keeping abreast of changes in legislation and ensuring you have maintained the right level of training for your staff is often confusing and difficult to keep track of. You will have peace of mind as we will ensure you are up to date with your obligations.


HRIS – Employee record keeping

To remain compliant with legislative requirements, businesses are required to keep detailed employee records. This can be costly and time consuming. We have a simple, yet powerful web based option for businesses that is easy to implement at a very affordable price. Many HRIS databases are expensive and complex being counterproductive to the intent of saving you time. Our program helps you remain compliant, and will save you many hours and money. We can help with implementation and even provide off-site assistance. For more details click here HR Staff Manager.


Employment Contracts, policies, forms, correspondence and checklists

Keeping your HR documents up-to-date and compliant with government legislation is a challenge for many organisations. Our aim is to help business to understand workplace rights and responsibilities and to comply with current IR laws by providing a comprehensive suite of documentation to meet the requirement once engage employees.


Customised to your business

We provide/develop

  • A comprehensive suite of documentation including contracts, policies, forms, correspondence and checklists
  • Appropriate policy documents for your workplace participants including employees, agents and contractors
  • Customised Employment Contracts and Agreements
  • Forms to ensure consistency and assist business in the administration of HR issues
  • A range of pro-forma letters which can be adapted and used by business to send to workplace participants when appropriate during the employment relationship
  • Checklists to assist with various employment-related processes: recruitment, induction, performance assessment, termination.
  • Advice on HR policy and strategy


  • Create legally binding employment contracts, workplace policies and forms
  • Ensure all policies and procedures are clearly drafted and are consistent; with applicable legislation and any relevant industrial instruments
  • Create current and up-to-date HR documentation when required
  • Enables you to review your policies and procedures at regular intervals to ensure they stay up-to-date with current laws and continue to meet your business needs

  • Populus Performance, Perth based Human Resources Consultants providing Outsourced HR, ensuring business compliance for companies in Perth, Bunbury, Albany and the South West of Western Australia.