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Leadership Development Program

The Genos Leadership Development Program is ideal for the emerging leader or the key manager seeking to lift their understanding of people to the next level with coaching on Emotional Intelligence. The skills of emotional intelligence are not just critical to effective leadership, they are equally important to building relationships, managing stress, and being resilient. Our Emotional Intelligence Programs present a holistic approach to leadership development by improving a foundational set of skills that create greater personal and inter-personal success within and outside of the workplace.What It Is Used For – Predominantly for leadership development and internal talent benchmarking or identification.

How It Is Used – Most organizations use this assessment at the beginning of leadership development programs to provide insight into current levels of emotional intelligence and how to improve it. It is also used at the conclusion of development programs to measure the impact or effectiveness of the development intervention.

Populus Performance, Perth based Human Resources Consultants providing Outsourced HR, delivering Leadership Development Programs for companies in Perth, Bunbury, Albany and the South West of Western Australia.

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” – Lao Tzu