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Populus Performance has a specialist recruitment group, with the sole task of identifying the best talent for your company. Prior to accepting an assignment to search for your next hire, we invest time to understand what makes your workplace different, what motivates your team and why they stay committed to your company vision. This empowers our recruitment team with a greater level of understanding about your organisational culture, enabling a greater alignment of your next team member.

Recruiting the wrong person can be a costly exercise let alone the damage they can cause to your business and culture. Many sources quote the cost of a bad hire to average $52,000, or even 100% of the annual income of the employee. We believe in matching the best candidate to requirements of the position and most importantly to your company culture.

Populus Performance has a comprehensive recruitment methodology to ensure the best fit for the role and we follow the appointment to ensure your new hire transitions successfully into your organisation. The recruitment process includes Behavioural Profiling of the candidate to identify the best fit for the team and a Comparison Report to provide the manager practical suggestions to get the most out of your new employee.

If you have need to find people for key positions in your business, contact us to develop a plan of action.

Populus Performance, Perth based Human Resources Consultants providing recruitment of key personnel for companies in Perth, Bunbury, Albany and the South West of Western Australia.


“Take my 20 best people, and virtually overnight, Microsoft becomes a mediocre company”. – Bill Gates, Microsoft