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STAR Workplace Program

Ever wondered how can you measure the culture of your business and the level of engagement of your employees? The STAR Workplace program is based on research developed by the HR Coach Research Institute on why some businesses have satisfied, engaged employees that make strategy happen and why others don’t.The STAR Workplace benchmarking tools identify what really drives strategy in your business. The components evaluated are:

  • Strategy Fulfilment
  • Team Satisfaction
  • Action
  • Results of Performance.

You can measure the satisfaction levels across the whole business on an annual basis. It will benchmark your business against other Australian businesses; identify risks, management issues and opportunities concealed in your business. and develop a precise and pragmatic 12 month human resources plan.

“What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker

Knowledge is power, and the application of knowledge provides even greater power. The results of the STAR Workplace Program will equip your business with information to evaluate your strategic planning to make informed decisions on which path to take next. Our accredited STAR Workplace Program facilitator can help you in this process.

Populus Performance, Perth based HR Consultants management teams to quantify the HR function and produce a twelve month improvement program for companies in Perth, Bunbury, Albany and the South West of Western Australia.



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